Discover Syria Rally 2010, organized by Syrian Automobile Club under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism start next year from Damascus at 12/5/2010  

Discover Syria Rally


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Discover Syria Rally 2010 participants information

  The Organizing Committee

The organizer of Discover Syria Rally : Syrian Automobile Club (SAC) licensed by the Federation International of Automobiles (FIA).
This event is considered Rally of the second classification (Ranger Rally) where the speed dont consist the criterion by the results report according to the subsequent systems.

The distance of Discover Syria rally is (1300 kilometers) during three days. The purpose of the Rally is to reveal the civilized face of Syria and the important ancient monuments and the tourist places within an interesting tourist and sport frame.

The Organizing Committee
Organizer: Syrian Automobile Club (SAC) licensed by the Federation International of Automobiles (FIA).

Stewards: Walid Shaban (chief), Fadi Shehadeh , Salim Hamami
Clerk of the Course: Hani Shaban
Asst. Clerk of the Course: Khaled Attassi
Safety Officer: Fadi Dib
Asst safety officer: Hasan Alhamod
Chief Marshals: Sari Mahli
Results Officer: Mazen Murad
Press Relations Officer: Luttfi Ustwani
Start area Officer: TBA
Chief Medical Officer: Samer Khodor
Public Relations and Reception: Raed Sulaibi
Public Relations: Soura Aljoundi
Event Secretariat: Wardeh Elias

Competitors Relations Officer ( CRO ) :

The Competitors Relations Officer (CRO) duties:
- Presenting precise replies of all the questions he receives on behalf of the participants.
- Presenting all the information and amendments of the arrangement, and what related to the general instructions and the incidents of the Rally.
- Working as a mediator to solve all the problems, and giving all the clarifications which may avoid raising them to the referee committee except the official objections or the contestations (for example: Clarifying the dispute about registering the time in cooperation with the points controllers).

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